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When we think about choosing household appliances, there are so many options it is not easy to know what’s best. The market offers a lot of good and well-known brands and each of them offers a wide variety of products – induction ovens, fridges, dishwashers, coffee machines and so much more. We offer the installation of household appliances from the best brands. We are inspired by technology, functionality and the newest designs.

We cooperate with the top household appliance brands in Poland, we offer help in choosing the best equipment and installation. The quality of our service satisfies even the most demanding clients and interior designers.

SMEG in Zaar

For over 65 years Smeg has been viewed as stylish and elegant solutions which fulfill the needs of the modern user, which they have achieved thanks to cooperation with world famous designers.

The brand is highly regarded as a producer of both household appliances and professional equipment. Smeg creators care about quality, technology and design – this is why the brand is known globally as one of the top representatives of the “Made in Italy” standard.

In our showroom in Bielsko you have the opportunity to see an exhibition from the new line Smeg Dolce Stil Novo.

Elegant black accented by copper details create an allusion to jewellery. The Dolce Stil Novo collection includes:

  • electric ovens with pyrolytic and steam clean, and microwave and steam functions,
  • coffee machines,
  • wine coolers,
  • drawers for warming dishes,
  • Sommelier drawers,
  • induction and gas hobs,
  • kitchen fans.

Blanco – timeless guarantee from ZAAR

A sink which blends perfectly into the kitchen top? Yes, we can guarantee that with the Blanco brand. Technology and functionality combined with timeless elegance and longevity are the main qualities of Blanco products. When ordering a sink from this brand through us, you receive a lifelong guarantee.

There are a lot of reasons why you should select your sink, accessories and kitchen taps carefully. This is the most utilized part of your kitchen. It has to last for as long as your kitchen – it may be ten, twelve years or more. It has to be durable and ergonomic. Meals are prepared close by, so hygiene is also a must.

Blanco is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to sinks and kitchen taps for domestic use. It is the biggest German producer of sinks and manufactures them from three materials: stainless steel, Silgranit composite and ceramic.

Gaggenau – become a masterchef


Modern, custom-designed kitchens require built-in appliances that work in unison. Gaggenau offers a range of stainless steel coolers that are perfectly integrated into large wine coolers. Ovens are harmonized with built-in coffee machines and heating plates.

The German company inspires many, is a guarantee for guests, an opportunity for every home chef and a designer’s manifesto.

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